universities in germany

The reasons why study in universities in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular study destination and the 3rd most popular for international students to study in universities in Germany. Let’s find out why many students are motivated to study in Germany and how to apply and choose to study in Germany.

Reasons to study in Germany

  • It has excellence in teaching and research
  • There are a wide range of courses that offered
  • The close link of theory and practice
  • There personal development and intellectual potential
  • It is a country that considered a safe country and has economic stability.

Choose the study program

Which are the study programs that you interested? There are many options available to academic subjects groups that relate to studies in Germany.

  • Medicine and health sciences. The demanding option for these subjects is the reputation for doctors are very high in society and the crucial demanding of health science is now increasing.
  • This subjects shaping the tomorrow technology. This is the top career prospects as German engineering degree course are recorded as a good reputation.
  • Art and music. Germany’s respected much to creativity and students in art and music can turn their passion to profession.
  • Natural sciences and math. This is all round employable as scientist and mathematics are valued high in wide range sectors.
  • Law, economics and social science. It is trending that towards a global economy and valuable knowledge transfer to the legal system and international society.
  • Linguistic and cultural studies. The wide ranges of language professional opportunities in the digital world.
  • Veterinarian, agriculture, ecology, and nutritional sciences. It offers various ranges of jobs associated with issues of sustainability and nature.

Preparation for studying at universities in Germany

If you consider applying to study at universities in Germany, there are several preparations that you need to do to make your study successful. There are some universities that offer a preparation course to study in Germany. If you are secondary school leaving certificate is not qualify to pass the university admission, then you should pass the qualification assessment examination or Feststellungsprufung.  To prepare this, you can follow the foundation course which is held by facilities of universities and last around 2 semesters to prepare your degree program. To enroll in the foundation course, you should have good command in German and take the successful entrance examination. The foundation courses class take up to 28-32 hours per week.

In another case, if you are willing to follow the master degree at universities in Germany, then you will no need to attend the foundation course. However, you still need to follow the propaedeutic course that prepares you to specifically university rigors in terms of subject matters and language. Once you start the degree program, then it will be easier to get accustomed to academic life in Germany.

Writing a motivation letter for scholarships

How to Write University Motivation Letter to Pursue Your Dreamt Master Degree

There are some crucial documents that students must send to the university if they want to pursue a master’s degree. One of the documents required is the motivation letter for scholarships. Some people also call it a personal statement letter.

Why Is It Important?

What makes this personal statement become so important in the selection process? Well, this letter is one of the most important deciding factors that the evaluation boards will make consideration to accept your application or decline it. The admission boards will take your personal statement seriously. This is because the motivation letter is considered to be the intention and commitment reflections of the master degree applicants. The letter will also show your goals, characters, and ambitions. In this way, you need to make sure that you know how to write motivation letter for scholarships as best as you could. Be sure that it reflects who you are so that you can get a place in the master program you desire the most.

How to Write the Best Motivation Letter for Scholarships?

So, what to consider in creating a university motivation letter to impress the admission committee? Just take a look at the following tips on how to write a motivation letter for scholarships to ensure your place in your dreamt master degree program!

  1. Be Well-Informed

Make sure that you are well-informed before starting to write the motivation letter. It will be very important for you to collect as much as possible information about the master degree programs offered by the university. Try to find out information about the university main projects, application requirements, personal philosophy, activities, and more. You can search for the information easily through the university’s website.

  1. Formulate Your Ideas

This will be very helpful if you can formulate your ideas before starting to write down the motivation letter. You can also make a note related to the important points you intend to reach in your cover letter. The next thing you should do is gather and construct the points to allow you to enrich the content.

  1. Be Original and Personal

The university motivation letter might become the most personalized document present to the admissions committees. So, this is very crucial to make it as original and personal as possible. By writing the motivation letter, you will have the best opportunity to provide the admission committees some insights about you. Since it is a personal document, you are supposed to provide evidence that it is your qualities and skills that differentiate you from other applicants.

Study in Europe

Cheapest cost to study in Europe

Are you planning to study in Europe? Which country that can fit with your budget and interest? If you think you can afford around £20.000 for studying in Europe, then you are lucky. But if you can’t, then you can start to count at a scholarship. Here is recommended countries that cheapest when you choose to study in Europe.

  1.    Norway. In general, living cost in Norway is high, but the student takes benefit when they study in Norway. First, most public universities in Norway not charge international student for tuition fees. Second, the living cost for a student in Norway can be reduced drastically as the result of a mandatory tax called student union fee. The benefit of paying this tax includes taking a discount on public transport, school exam, and many more.
  2.    Netherland. Netherland is one of the cheapest countries for tuition fees. The tuition is not free for international students.
  3.    Austria. The EU students in public university in Australia is expected only need to pay around €18 per semester and for non-EU foreign student need to pay €726.25 per semester.
  4.    Finland. The universities in Finland offer cheap cost education to international students that not from EU countries. The costs of living in Finland start from $8000 per annum. However, you can study as a free international student who is included as a citizen from EU countries, EEA or Switzerland. There are several conditions attached though it.
  5.    Germany. In 2014, the Germany government abolished the tuition charge for the undergraduate’s level. This applies both for national and international students. What you need to care when a study in Germany is living cost. The living cost for a student in Germany is estimated at around $300 per month.
  6.    Sweden. Sweden is a member of the EU, so a student from EU/EEA or Switzerland will pay the same as the Sweden national students. The exchange student needs to pay tuition fees to depend on the agreement between Swedish and foreign universities.
belajar TOEFL

Cara Cepat Menguasai Ujian TOEFL Bahasa Inggris

Ujian toefl kerap menjadi momok menakutkan karena biasanya sudah lebih dulu ciut harapan dengan target skor yang diinginkan. Penguasaan tes listening, structure and writing expression, serta reading comprehension diwajibkan jika ingin mencapai skor yang diharapkan. Mestinya ada metode khusus dalam belajar TOEFL bahasa Inggris sehingga bisa cepat menguasai ujian tersebut. Lalu bagaimana caranya?

Belajar Contoh Soal-soal Ujian TOEFL

Banyak contoh soal ujian TOEFL yang beredar baik di dunia maya atau yang bisa kamu peroleh dari buku-buku di pasaran. Namun apakah semua bahan contoh tersebut merupakan sumber yang valid? Artinya, jangan sampai kamu sudah capek-capek mempelajari banyak contoh soal ternyata satu pun tak ada yang cocok di soal ujian.

Sebetulnya bukan masalah cocok atau tidaknya soal ujian dengan semua bahan contoh itu. Toh, yang namanya contoh bukanlah yang asli atau yang bakal dikeluarkan dalam kertas ujian TOEFL Namun demi menghemat waktu dan meningkatkan efisiensi belajar TOEFL bahasa Inggris, coba carilah bahan-bahan contoh soal yang masih relevan. Mungkin berasal dari contoh-contoh soal tahun lalu atau yang terbaru.

Mengenali Pola dan Struktur Kalimat

Kecepatan memahami logika soal dalam tes TOEFL merupakan salah satu kunci penting. Kenali pola dan struktur kalimat dari setiap soal yang diajukan. Cara ini akan mempersingkat waktumu daripada menghabiskan waktu berlama-lama membasa sebuah pertanyaan tanpa petunjuk sama sekali.

Ajak Rekan Belajar

Paling baik mengajak rekan belajar. Misalnya kamu hendak mengikuti sebuah ujian TOEFL dengan seorang teman, maka ajak saja dia untuk sama-sama belajar soal ujian. Bahkan kamu akan beruntung  jika temanmu itu mahir berbahasa Inggris dan mengerjakan soal TOEFL.

Pakai Aplikasi Belajar TOEFL

Sekarang adalah zaman aplikasi yang menciptakan kondisi-kondisi termudah bagi kita untuk belajar apa saja. Termasuk bagi yang punya kebutuhan belajar TOEFL, sebuah aplikasi bisa membantu menjadi pembimbing sekaligus sarana mengasah kemampuan langsung. Aplikasi belajar TOEFL bahasa Inggris juga dapat diatur sesuai level yang menggunakannya.

Intinya, jika ingin cepat menguasai ujian TOEFL, maksimalkan segala sarana. Dan jangan lupa untuk benar-benar menguatkan niat dan tekad belajar dengan hasil memuaskan.

belajar ielts sendiri bisa menggunakan laptop

Cara Mudah Belajar IELTS Sendiri Secara Online

IELTSSalah satu manfaat yang kita dapatkan dari semakin meningkatnya kecanggihan teknologi adalah kita bisa belajar banyak hal gratis seperti halnya IELTS online. Cara mudah belajar IELTS sendiri secara online bisa Anda lakukan dengan banyak cara agar Anda sukses taklukkan soal-soal IELTS dengan skor yang menakjubkan. Tanpa perlu modal, berikut cara mudah taklukkan tes ini untuk kepentingan studi maupun pekerjaan.

  1. Download E-Book Gratis

Ada banyak E-book gratis seperti soal IELTS yang bisa Anda manfaatkan untuk belajar. Downloadlah soal tersebut lalu pelajari secara online atau dengan cara menge-print lalu menggunakannya untuk belajar.

  1. Belajar dari Website IELTS atau Kursus Gratis

Selain aplikasi e-book gratis, Anda bisa belajar IELTS sendiri melalui kursus online gratis atau belajar langsung dari website IELTS. Setidaknya, Anda bisa mempelajari model soal setiap sesi untuk memberikan gambaran kepada Anda tentang tes ini. Ada pula kunci jawaban yang membantu Anda untuk mengetahui dimana salahnya.

  1. Manfaatkan Video gratis

Fasilitas lain yang bisa Anda manfaatkan untuk meningkatkan skor IELTS via online dan gratis adalah video. Anda bisa menggunakannya untuk belajar listening, belajar aksen bahasa inggris, dan untuk mempelajari bagaimana model soal tes tersebut yang didemonstrasikan lewat video. Cara ini cukup efektif untuk tingkatkan skor speaking dan listening.  

  1. Join Komunitas IELTS preparation

Cara lain adalah dengan mengikuti komunitas IELTS preparation di media sosial maupun online. Disini Anda bisa bertukar pengetahuan mengenai tips trik hadapi IELTS, saling tukar informasi penyelenggara IELTS dan cara praktis menaklukan soal ini.

  1. Perbanyak Latihan Mandiri

Faktanya, Anda pribadilah yang akan berjuang untuk menyelesaikan soal tes tersebut. Untuk itu, perbanyak bekal latihan baik itu speaking, reading, listening, dan writing yang menentukan seberapa skor yang akan Anda capai. Semakin banyak latihan yang Anda lakukan, semakin tinggi nilai yang akan Anda dapatkan. Anda bisa belajar dari e-book gratis, dari video, belajar bersama teman yang kompeten speaking dan paham IELTS, dan masih banyak lagi.