The reasons why study in universities in Germany

The reasons why study in universities in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular study destination and the 3rd most popular for international students to study in universities in Germany. Let’s find out why many students are motivated to study in Germany and how to apply and choose to study in Germany.

Reasons to study in Germany

  • It has excellence in teaching and research
  • There are a wide range of courses that offered
  • The close link of theory and practice
  • There personal development and intellectual potential
  • It is a country that considered a safe country and has economic stability.

Choose the study program

Which are the study programs that you interested? There are many options available to academic subjects groups that relate to studies in Germany.

  • Medicine and health sciences. The demanding option for these subjects is the reputation for doctors are very high in society and the crucial demanding of health science is now increasing.
  • This subjects shaping the tomorrow technology. This is the top career prospects as German engineering degree course are recorded as a good reputation.
  • Art and music. Germany’s respected much to creativity and students in art and music can turn their passion to profession.
  • Natural sciences and math. This is all round employable as scientist and mathematics are valued high in wide range sectors.
  • Law, economics and social science. It is trending that towards a global economy and valuable knowledge transfer to the legal system and international society.
  • Linguistic and cultural studies. The wide ranges of language professional opportunities in the digital world.
  • Veterinarian, agriculture, ecology, and nutritional sciences. It offers various ranges of jobs associated with issues of sustainability and nature.

Preparation for studying at universities in Germany

If you consider applying to study at universities in Germany, there are several preparations that you need to do to make your study successful. There are some universities that offer a preparation course to study in Germany. If you are secondary school leaving certificate is not qualify to pass the university admission, then you should pass the qualification assessment examination or Feststellungsprufung.  To prepare this, you can follow the foundation course which is held by facilities of universities and last around 2 semesters to prepare your degree program. To enroll in the foundation course, you should have good command in German and take the successful entrance examination. The foundation courses class take up to 28-32 hours per week.

In another case, if you are willing to follow the master degree at universities in Germany, then you will no need to attend the foundation course. However, you still need to follow the propaedeutic course that prepares you to specifically university rigors in terms of subject matters and language. Once you start the degree program, then it will be easier to get accustomed to academic life in Germany.

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